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At 3 years old Jamie Weston was falling asleep in the back of dancehalls around Texas to his grandfather’s band playing. Fast Forward 10 years, and you’d find him watching his uncles on stage too.


At the age of 18, Jamie joined the group Cheyenne as their main male vocalist. He stayed with the band for about 2 years, before he got the urge to start his own band.


Southern Sky was the product of that transition. Jamie led the band around Texas for roughly 5 years. Put out an album titled “Way Down Deep”.  That earned him the opportunity to share stages with some of the top names in the circuit, I.E. Jack Ingram, Cameran Nelson, Stoney LaRue, Mike Ryan, Josh Ward, Cody Canada etc.

Time changes all things and gradually “Southern Sky” came to cease. Not ready to quit Jamie went back into the Studio and has released his first Self-titled EP; “My Getaway”, 5 tracks of Pedal to the Metal emotion. Jamie’s fire to succeed hasn’t burned hotter.


Now, with a new band, a new EP, and a whole new show, he can’t wait to play your stage.


“The Road is a long one. That’s for sure, but I’m no stranger to hard work. I’ve watched it and helped do it my whole life it feels like. This business is in my blood-literally and figuratively. I get to play on stages with people who were and some that still are my heroes, as I continue to grow. I’m anxious for what the future holds, and there are no guarantees in this business. But on most days, the good outweighs the bad and we keep moving forward. I couldn’t do this without my band and the support system of my Wife, Amanda, and my Son, Mason. They keep me going and I just hope I am making them proud.” Whether on Stage or in the Studio, my band and I put our all into it, and hope that folks enjoy our brand of Country Music.”-Jamie Weston

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